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So sweet!
Free pattern 
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I made a little gift set for my cousin’s birthday present. I know she does knit and crochet and this pattern is fairly straightforward (Peace Socks by Wendy D. Johnson ). I went through it and added pattern notes and clarifications. My mom and I sewed the adorable pink fox project bag and I sewed a little pocket for the tape measure. We added a row counter and a tapestry needle for good measure. Last, but definitely not least, I included my size 2 40” circular knitpicks needles. 
I cast on and finished one of the toes so that she can start knitting the pattern right away and I figure I can either teach her how to do the magic cast on for the other sock when she comes to it, or the youtube tutorials referenced in the pattern will help her. The toe and increases are just a bit tricky depending on your comfort level with tiny knitting and I wanted to keep her options open. 
The yarn is Premier Yarns Serenity Garden yarn which is super soft and in wonderful colors. I made my first pair of socks from it and from another Wendy Johnson pattern. It knits up quick since it’s sport weight. 
I hope she likes the gift and it’s not too much at once… I tend to get carried away with gifts. 
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untitled by raquel fialho on Flickr.